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Austin Speed Shop

Jesse James 
Jesse is a welder/ fabricator who uses his master level skills and discerning eye to teach up and coming fabricators at the shop. He brings many years of experience to Austin Speed Shop that is reflected in our cars.

Ron Olfers 
Ron was born and raised in South Austin, and his car roots run deep. His dad was the proud owner of a ’39 Ford convertible that he rode in while growing up in South Austin. While in the Air Force, Ron helped build a T-bucket and a ’32 Ford 5 Window. Later, he built a ’40 Ford Sedan in his garage which he sold to buy a dragster to go racing. The cars had to go when he had a family and began developing new computers at Compaq and Dell. Ron now owns two ’32 Fords that he drives often. Ron runs Austin Speed Shop making dreams of our customers become reality.

Rocco is from New York City, born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens. He was born into a family of gearheads and fit right in. He moved to Austin with his wife Marion in 2006 and is the Manager at the Speed Shop. If you would like to inquire about our services, Rocco is your man.

Bob “Bleed” Merkt
Bob is a hot rod builder, fabricator, artist, and creator. Bob wants to build you a hot rod. 

Kail Withers 
Kail brings years of experience working on high-end custom cars and hot rods. His thorough mechanical knowledge, detailed final assembly skills, and project management experience make him a valuable part of the team. Kail moved to Austin from California to join the Austin Speed Shop crew and fit right in.

Luke Di Ciurcio
Luke grew up in Chicago and went to college for automotive restoration. He moved to Oxnard, California to build hot rods and hone his skills as a fabricator. After visiting Austin for the Lone Star Round Up car show, Luke decided to stay and put his fabrication skills to use at Austin Speed Shop. He is currently building a custom 1937 Lincoln Zephyr. Luke has both the eye of an artist and the skills to back it up. 

Alex “Magic” Swanson 
Magic is from California. He originally found the Austin Speed Shop several years ago when he got off at the wrong bus stop, saw the shop, and needed a job. Hey, some things are just meant to be! Turns out he’s an electrical whiz and is great with metal too. He is a natural who has learned to do just about everything over the last few years. In his spare time he enjoys art-metals projects and welding anything he can.

James Parker 
James is a true born Texan from Refurio, TX. He is currently working on a Mechanical Engineering Degree while working at Austin Speed Shop. James first attended
automotive school at WyoTech and gained years of experience working at hot rod shops and even owning his own shop. He can do anything from fabrication to mechanical work.

Patrick Tilbury 
Patrick was born on the mean streets of Atlanta, GA and raised in Ft. Worth, TX. He started welding when he was 16 years old. He attended WyoTech for Street Rod building, welding, and metal shaping. Patrick is a force of nature when it comes to building headers, intake manifolds and most any performance part made of steel or aluminum. His welding is second to none.

Jeff “Potsie” Peterson 
Jeff came to us looking to be an intern and in a short time proved to be a natural when it comes to fabrication and all things mechanical. You will never find anyone who works harder than Jeff. He eats deadlines for breakfast.

Taylor Austin Stoy 
Taylor is currently attending the University of Texas at Austin and is working as an intern at the Austin Speed Shop. He comes from a family of car guys and helps with anything and everything around the shop while learning all he can. Taylor is one of the hardest working guys you’ll ever meet. When he’s not studying or working he takes welding classes so he can have his welding certification. He is currently building his own 1934 Ford truck.