RV Renewal Season Opens November 17th!

Mark your calendars! RV Renewal Season will open on Saturday, November 17th at 10am CST. We have a few changes to the process due to a new and improved ticketing system! This year, we are providing a completely mobile experience and have simplified the process! Here are a few important things to remember when renewing for 2019:
  • First, on November 17th you will receive an email from us to renew your spot(s) you purchased in 2018. Please follow the instructions to renew your spot(s).
  • Next, the deadline to renew your spot(s) this year is on or before December 2nd. After December 2nd, the renewal time will expire and all spots that have not been purchased will go on sale to the general public. So, make sure to save the email and renew your spot(s) on or before December 2nd!  In the past we were able to reload spaces for those who missed the deadline, but this is no longer an option. So don’t forget! There are no second chances or waitlist.
  • Once your spot is purchased and approved, you will receive a confirmation email with your tickets attached. Make sure to SAVE this email in a secure folder.
  • Finally, all spots that were not sold during the renewal season will be available for purchase on December 8th at 10am CST.
So, what do you do next? Previous RV space registrants will receive an email with instructions on or before November 17th to walk through the renewal process.  Questions? Please visit our FAQs page on the website.  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding ROT’s music, attractions, and vendor lineup!